Sausage Sizzling in the Skillet
A sunrise stroll with my sidekick. Scritch, scratch, scritch, scratch. His paws scurry across the sidewalk, moving speedily with suspense. He suspects with a solid sureness what he will receive upon safely returning home. Striding up the stairs, stepping through the door. Shedding my shoes and his suave harness. He
Budding World
Yellow fields sparsely decorated with bald, skeleton-like trees flanked both sides of the road, a black bisecting line that marched . . .
Gray Mood in a Spinning World
A hula hoop. Glittering purple. A shining star against a backdrop of gray. Gray sky. Gray sidewalk. Gray buildings. Skinny, leafless gray trees jutting out of the dirt at measured intervals like twisted fingers. Gray mood. A car. Dark green paint visible beneath a film of dirt. Tires as bald
Wily Wabbits
The voices were stirring in his head like ice cubes in a blender. Crunching. Thrashing. Grinding. Heart laboring in his chest . . .
All Aboard
“All aboarddd!” The conductor drug out the final syllable with a dramatic flourish. Darkness still hung in the sky.
Good Cheese
“Nicholas, you over there?” called Hugh, a fellow always full of cheer and optimism. Nicholas, who was in fact over there, gave a gruff squeak.
Speed Demon
Shoes. Check. Shorts. Check. An old T-shirt. Check. An aspiring runner is set. Is it a little cold outside? Don’t fret, you’ll warm up on the run
Baja Bummer
“Yes, I’d like 3 shredded chicken burritos please.” “I’m sorry, we actually stopped carrying the shredded chicken burrito.”
Unchained Melody
“Unchained Melody. On an album called Unchained Melody. Makes a lot of sense.” A man, hunched over and swaying, says this into a microphone. The words come out in a disoriented, panting staccato. His eyes are closed, and he grips the bridge of his nose with two fingers. He’s
An Empty Swing
Note: This post was inspired by Byrn Donovan’s “5000 Writing Prompts.” The basic premise is to look through the pages, pick a random one-sentence prompt, and let the creativity flow for x minutes without letting “yourself” get in the way. It’s a little shorter and not as “heavy” as my