Living in Eugene

The Beaver State: Part 2
Not too long ago, I had never entertained the desire of seeing a beaver. Then, one fateful day, I came across a beaver watching party.
Enterprise on the Emerald Express
“Is this bus going downtown?” a woman shouted across the threshold of the bus’s open doors. The man who had been waiting at the bus stop . . .
Enraged on the Emerald Express
“AGGAA EEEE ARGH!! ARGH! BLAR BLAR GABBA GEE!!”He was wearing a 3-hole purple ski mask and his teeth gnashed like a rabid dog as he screamed . .
The Beaver State
The crunch of gravel beneath my running shoes. Chh. Chh. Chh. Chh. The boisterous chatter of ducks. Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! The singsong twitter of birds and the honking of geese. Water trickles through a pile of half-submerged rocks at the edge of the shoreline. A fisherman hums to himself
Enchantment on the Emerald Express
Author’s Note: It has been a long time since I posted anything! I tackled a bigger writing project during the Winter Break and neglected to write any articles for the website. Now that I’m back in law school, I’ll likely gravitate towards smaller and more manageable works.
Escape on the Emerald Express
Gray skies. Unremitting light rain. Barren, naked trees shivered as cold winds passed unimpeded through their limbs.
Eviction in Eugene
There was an eviction in Eugene today. You likely didn’t hear about it. It wasn’t advertised on tv or in the newspaper or anything like that—most evictions aren’t to be fair. The small corner near Amazon Creek where it took place doesn’t see much foot
Eluded on the Emerald Express
It’s always loud on the bus. The protective bellows encasing the pivoting joint rattle like a screen door in a tornado. The airbag suspension system hisses like a nest of angry snakes. The loudspeaker announces the upcoming stop in blaring robotic monotone. A man with long brown hair wearing
End of Active Service on the Emerald Express
Still unfamiliar with the Emerald Express bus schedule, I found myself with an unexpected amount of time on my hands as I waited for the next bus at the Commerce Station stop. I had made an evening trip to Walmart with the intent of buying a few groceries and being
Empathy on the Emerald Express
Note: This post is more “story driven” than my previous travel blog entries. I hope you enjoy! “Everyone get your bus passes out! Bus passes please!” A collective groan emitted from the riders as a man donning an equipment laden black vest stepped onto the bus. His hands were lightly

Pat Tillman

Pat Tillman
Introduction: A Photo My first boss in Okinawa was a prior infantry officer turned lawyer in the Marine Corps. His perpetually calm and caring demeanor seemed at odds with the stereotypical image one conjures of an infantryman forged in the early 2000s. His office contained typical Marine Corps mem…

Living in Japan

Immaculate Waters and Beaches Served with a Mega Meal
A giraffe bent its neck over the chain link fence I was enclosed in and with its long, flexible tongue grabbed the leafy branch I was holding in my mouth. My friend captured the experience on his cellphone while other tourist groups enacted similar rituals. A group of us were
The Dark Side of Ise, Japan
“This is the dark side of Ise.” My wife says this in a low, grave tone. Goosebumps inadvertently prickle my flesh. I feel a tightening of my abdomen and a tingling in my lower back. My knuckles are pale on the steering wheel of our rental. I cast a quick
Jazz and Jubilation in Kokusai Dori
Kokusai Dori, roughly translated to International Street, is a hot spot for tourists in downtown Naha, the capital city of Okinawa . . .
Okinawan Breeze
The clouds move quickly in Okinawa. The ocean breeze, a hurried and constant attendant, herds them across the skyscape.

Marine Corps

Psychology of Enlisted Marines: Part 1 – Yellow Footprints
This is my attempt at a casual and mostly non-scientific introductory critique of an organization I love and want the very best for.